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Premature Ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like. PEA Is Your Solution To Longer Lasting & More Satisfying Sex.

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Proven premature ejaculation treatment methods used by real sex therapists

Track your results so you can see progress as you start to last longer!

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Last 9.5 Minutes Longer

On average PEA users have increased their sexual response time from 2.5 minutes in level 1 to over 12 minutes in level 3!

Learn From Your Virtual Sex Therapist

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Do Our Users Love This App?

We have been researching and studying premature ejaculation for over 20 years. You could say we are passionate about helping with premature ejaculation issues. Everything we have created is to help you overcome your PE issues and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Have a look at the reviews from our users who have passed all 3 levels of treatment with our app

This app will show you how to take back control of your climax. All the tips and advice are so simple to understand, but the training system is iffy.

Stephaine W.

I’ve only been using it for a week and can already feel it working. I feel much more confident and can hold back my release as opposed to before when i felt i had no control whatsoever.

Carson K.

Really liking this app and i feel the improvement but i wish they added notifications to remind me to do training daily or weekly.

Roselle G.

I cant express how much PEA has helped me. I struggled with pe for most of my adult life and I could never understand why. After an embarrassing intimate encouter, i decided enough was enough and i started doing research. I read that kegel exercises might help me regain my control so I figured i’d use an app to keep track of my exercise progress. Low and behold, PEA does exactly this and even shows me how to do multiple different exercises. It also gives tons of information from professionals on.

Katina G.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ To Learn More About Our App & Features

How much does it cost?

Our PEA app is absolutely free to use! You can start treating right now with our The Doc and get a better result soon.

Can I track my progress?

Yes! Our app provides a convenient table, where you can see the number of sessions and the time you’ve spent masturbating. So, you can easily see the progress.

Can I use the app on any device?

Definitely yes! You can download the PEA app from the App Store and Google Play. We also have a Web Version for Google Chrome.

Do you provide regular updates to your app?

Our team constantly works to create the best and most convenient app for our users. So, of course, we update our app regularly, adding the latest novelties.

Is my data confidential?

Your personal data remains completely confidential with our application. We do not require passport details or other personal information upon registration. All you need to do is enter your email and password.

What else can your application offer me?

In addition to the standard course of treatment and tracking your progress, you can find helpful tips on reverse Kegel exercises, meditation, as well as delay sprays, special lubricants, supplements, delay condoms, and more in our app!

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