Foods to Cure Premature Ejaculation: Fact or Fiction?

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Foods to Cure Premature Ejaculation: Fact or Fiction?

It’s no debate that a healthy diet consisting of diverse, but important foods are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. Food’s connection with premature ejaculation, however, is always under some form of scrutiny. Men dealing with the condition always ask doctors, what are the best foods to cure premature ejaculation? Doctors and other help articles always seem to advise that a healthy diet would also take cure premature ejaculation.

But is that really the case?

Do foods to Cure Premature Ejaculation help at all?

We have to ask the question, what is premature ejaculation in the first place.

“Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common male sexual disorder. It is defined by the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders as “ejaculation occurring, without control, on or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it, causing marked distress or interpersonal difficulty” – Gajjala, Khalidi, Premature Ejaculation: A review

Premature ejaculation has its roots in both:

phenomenon and takes form as such. So it is natural to assume that foods to cure premature ejaculation exist but are generally unknown. The question then arises if such foods exist and are able to help, why have they not been made so mainstream?

The answer lies in the fact, that they indeed, already have been. The messaging from doctors and other experts is, however, a little unclear. We are correctly told, that in order to have a healthy and fit lifestyle, a healthy diet is important. Usually, that is the end of that. But for men dealing with premature ejaculation, that does not really help.

What doctors and experts really need to convey to men with PE is that foods and a healthy diet directly or otherwise affect their PE. What they put into their bodies has a direct effect and can worsen existing conditions or cause new ones

But we have to again ask a couple of questions to get to the bottom of this, scientifically.

Can diet affect Premature Ejaculation?

The short answer is, yes it can affect and directly cause premature ejaculation.

The long answer helps us identify just why it happens and how you can avoid premature ejaculation. A condition known as metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a common syndrome that develops due to changing lifestyles and increases in weight. These lifestyle changes are usually a lack of exercise or movement. They can include smoking, or substance consumption, and more.

Changes in metabolism can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance and increased blood pressure has a direct relationship with increased risk of cardiovascular problems, increased blood pressure.

While the direct connection with premature ejaculation is not known for sure, there are a couple of theories. MetS, and the changes it causes can induce physiological changes. Depression, anxiety, and conditions that affect your mental state can be induced by MetS. Increased blood pressure restricts your arteries, making it tough for blood to get where it needs to get. While that is counter actable with products like Promescent’s VitaFLUX, it is a good idea to regulate your diet.

MetS induced factors have been known to induce Premature Ejaculation

Does a bad diet trigger PE?

While the data is limited, we do have some sources we can use to make an assessment. Premature Ejaculation, if broken down, is divided into two main parts:

If a man is diagnosed with Lifelong Premature Ejaculation, they were probably born with the condition and has always had it. It was not influenced by any other factors.

Acquired PE is different. A man can go half of their life without the condition and then develop PE seemingly without any cause. However, this paper identifies MetS as a triggering factor in acquired PE.  The paper suggests that a majority of men who had acquired PE also had MetS, to begin with.

MetS as we have learned is triggered by a bad diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and much more. Thus, as a result, a bad diet CAN trigger premature ejaculation. Increased blood pressure can restrict arteries and make it much harder to maintain an erection. Cigarette smoking too increased the risk of erectile dysfunction as well.

So it can be said with a certain level of scientific assurance that premature ejaculation can be triggered by a bad diet.

The case AGAINST Foods for Premature Ejaculation

One can argue that a diet really cannot help someone who has lifelong premature ejaculation. Someone who was born with the condition is going to need much more than a healthy diet to cure it. Most doctors recommend a combination of therapy and medications to help treat premature ejaculation. Nowhere does the above-linked article mentions a diet to help treat or even cure premature ejaculation.

The case FOR Foods to cure premature ejaculation

The evidence to support the fact that a diet can help with premature ejaculation is huge.

Doctors may not outright mention foods to cure premature ejaculation, but they are a part of every healthy diet. As we saw with MetS and the conditions it can cause, it is mostly triggered by unhealthy changes in lifestyle. These changes cause a domino effect. Both mental and physical healths are affected, which then become central to causing PE.

In this study, the researchers outline how a diet can help with “neurodegenerative delay” and stop hypertension, among a whole host of other things. The study does not outright mention the sexual benefits. But it is more than clear that these benefits are implied with all the other benefits that the diet provides to the body.

Whether a diet can cure or prevent premature ejaculation is not really up for debate. But what is, is what are the actual foods that do contribute towards it?

 The Verdict

The evidence shows that a diet definitely affects premature ejaculation in more ways than one. While the evidence to the contrary is there, none of it really says that foods and diet do not cure PE. So, to err on the side of scientific caution, we can say that a diet definitely helps.

But what food to cure premature ejaculation should you start including in your diet?

Foods to cure Premature Ejaculation – The top 10

A healthy diet and the foods that you consume are the very foundation of your body’s energy. In a way, what you eat goes not only to your stomach but also to your penis.

While it may be a good idea to just eat foods that help increase sexual energy, the ones on this list will help with a healthy lifestyle!

Food 1: Spinach

Spinach is a folate-rich food. Folic acid plays a huge role in helping regulate sexual function. Men with low levels of folic acid are at more risk of sexual dysfunction than others. This is because folic acid helps regulate blood around your body.

Men who suffer from PE or erectile dysfunction usually have problems with efficient blood flow. This can be easily solved with a daily 185 gram serving of spinach which delivers more than 75% of the required daily folate intake.

Additionally, spinach is also an amazing source of magnesium, which is great to boost levels of testosterone.

Foods to cure Premature Ejaculation: Chilli Peppers

Surprisingly, men who have a spicer pallet have been shown to have a higher testosterone count. It is not known whether capsaicin, the chemical that gives spices its kick has anything to do with it, but it has been shown that men who eat spices regularly have a higher count of testosterone as compared to men who do not.

Capsaicin may however boost the pleasure centers in your brain and drive it to create more testosterone. While this is just still speculation, experts have tested the theory out on mice and found that it did boost some testosterone levels. Whether it has the same effect on humans is speculation.

 Food 3: Dark Chocolate 

Being an aphrodisiac, it contains anandamide, a compound that helps your overall mood. Couple this with its antioxidant properties, you’ll be increasing the blood flow to the penis, helping you last longer and gain a better erection. Aphrodisiacs such as dark chocolate help with much more than sexual function. Dark chocolate in particular is great for heart health and is even known to lower down blood pressure. 

What all of this means is that in foods to cure premature ejaculation, dark chocolate should be an easy choice.

Food 4: Green Tea

Green tea, while not technically a ‘food’ is a natural anti-oxidant. Meaning it’ll help regulate blood supply to your sexual organs and help maintain erections and cure premature ejaculation. Having green tea regularly can have a great impact on your sexual health overall.

Often time the cause behind both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction is lackluster blood flow. Green tea as a regular addition to your diet can really give you the boost you need and become one of the best foods to cure premature ejaculation.

Food 5:  Fatty Fish

Chock full of Omega-3 acids, you’ll be improving your overall cardiovascular health with these foods. A good heart means a good penis! Cardiovascular health is of utmost importance when discussing premature ejaculation.

While not the direct cause, as we’ve discussed earlier, men with worse overall health can develop MetS which can be  a direct cause 

Food 6:Pumpkin Seeds

Containing both healthy amounts of Zinc and Omega-3 acids may help male sexual performance in particular. Anything that has Zinc may help with premature ejaculation, and pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of nutrition and can easily be munched on during the day.

If you are looking for a replacement for unhealthy snacks you have throughout the day, this is it for you!

Food 6: Avocados

They contain vitamins B, K, and C and have plenty of fibers and proteins. These regulate blood flow to organs which helps in performing better. So have that avocado toast in the mornings! Also rich in Zinc, Avocados can help regulate and maintain sperm quality and health.

Foods to cure Premature Ejaculation 7: Watermelon

You may be surprised to learn that watermelons are a natural form of viagra! It creates arginine in your body which helps in dilating the blood vessels in your penis. This greatly helps with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Have some in your next fruit salad.

Food 8 : Beef 

This is another great natural source of zinc. Beef is also a great source of natural fatty acids which can also help promote sexual wellbeing. However, beef (and other types of red meat) are best eaten in moderation!

Food 9 :Ginseng 

This helps with a lot of your body’s core functions: cardiovascular, central nervous, and metabolic- to name a few. All these factors go into helping with premature ejaculation.

Foods to cure Premature Ejaculation 10 : Garlic

Garlic does a lot of the same types of things as Ginseng. It has antihypertensive properties making sure that your blood pressure is regulated, improving sexual health. Premature ejaculation and hypertension may be interrelated so it is a good idea to eat as many anti-hypertensive foods as possible- especially if you have hypertension in the family


Foods to cure premature ejaculation are something that men who are dealing with the condition should be looking into. Doctors may not outright say that a particular food is best for sex health or penis health but they are. Usually, the message doctors are trying to relay gets lost in medical translation.

A healthy life and lifestyle for men has been shown to have a direct relationship to their sexual health and has an indirect relationship with causing problems related to sex.

Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle a list of foods to cure premature ejaculation can help! The above 10 foods should be on the top of your list of foods to try out!

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