Premature Ejaculation App

How To Improve Your Sex Life With The Help Of PEA

We developed a unique app that is focused on the self-treatment of premature ejaculation. It contains medically researched and used information and techniques laid out in the form of a 3-stage training regimen.

Our training includes

Level 1: Point of No Return

Level 2: The Forgotten Phase

Level 3: Mountain Climber


The purpose of the app is to guide you in the self-control of ejaculation. Step by step, you will learn more information about your body, practice exercises, and become more confident.

With Our PEA You Can

  • Track your progress
  • Have better control during sex
  • Restrain ejaculation
  • Satisfy your partner
  • Have stronger orgasms

You will also become more confident and enjoy more pleasure during intercourse.

3 Levels To Last Longer In Bed

3-level training with The Doc in our app. It includes a useful video and training method. You can also track the time you’ve spent masturbating.

Techniques To Last Longer

You get more useful information about helpful exercises, meditation methods, delay sprays, creams, condoms, and medications.