Relaxing The Pelvic Floor with Reverse Kegels

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Relaxing The Pelvic Floor with Reverse Kegels

Kegels will help you strengthen your pelvic floor. This will come in “handy” when you are trying to prevent ejaculation during training and sex. Relaxing the pelvic floor with reverse kegels is very simple: Next time you’re peeing, try to stop your pee midstream.. you are doing a Kegel. You want to do sets of this, just like lifting weights.

Most people struggle with Kegels because they are uncomfortable when you first start doing them – it’s hard to hold the muscle tense and it feels weak. If this is an issue for you then try this technique:

Do the squeeze slowly. Don’t squeeze as hard as you can and then release, instead start squeezing and slowly and over a 5-second period increase from 0-100% then back down slowly for 5 seconds until you are relaxed again. The whole interval will take 10 seconds. 5 seconds up slowly, 5 seconds down slowly. Do sets of 10 a few times a day and it will help strengthen your pelvic floor and increase control. Pair Kegels with Reverse kegels for best results!

Do you feel a repeated pulsing or tension in the base of your penis and testicles every time your penis is stimulated? That tension is your pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle, a part of your pelvic floor.

One of the uses of your PC muscle is to contract, increasing your arousal and triggering ejaculation. It’s a subconscious response, but when you first started masturbating you probably consciously flexed the muscle harder to help yourself get aroused more quickly.

After years of that additional flexing, the response becomes automatically stronger and faster. This automatic flexing of the PC will make you ejaculate way more quickly.

Doing normal Kegels will help strengthen your PC muscle, which is equally as important, but it’s time you learn to relax.

How to relax your PC

How to relax your PC

Go to the toilet and try to start peeing, you don’t actually have to pee (but you can if you want!)…to start peeing you are relaxing the pelvic floor which lets the urine come out. If you try to stop your pee mid stream you are doing a kegel, the opposite.

Again the relaxing of the PC is what lets the urine come out. That muscle is part of your pelvic floor and it is what gets tense when your penis is stimulated.

Once you identify the PC muscle and how to relax it you can begin your PC yoga routine.

Step 1

To help you understand the mechanics, start with your hand. Let one of your hands hang at your side. As you exhale, clench your fist. Hold the clenched fist for a moment and then inhale while releasing the fist- let your hand go completely relaxed.  (Make sure your inhale is a deep belly breath)

Step 2

Replicate this same process with your PC muscle. Clench it a bit on the exhale (about 25% flex) and then as you take a deep belly breath let it completely relax like you were going to take a pee.


Do your PC and your fist at the same time following that rhythm until you get the hang of it.

Step 3

Repeat this a few times a day for 10 or so reps. Keep in mind the flex on the exhale is only there to make the relaxation more obvious during the inhale.

The focus of this exercise is on relaxing the muscle on the inhale, not flexing it. Eventually, you will be able to relax the PC without needing to flex first.

Step 4

You can use this technique while you masturbate or have sex to prevent over-arousal and premature ejaculation when you feel your PC muscle tensing.

Relaxing The Pelvic Floor With Reverse Kegels

Reverse Kegels are simple stretching exercises that aid you in relaxing your pelvic floor. It can help in the relief of pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction as well as enhance flexibility.

Reverse Kegels are different from standard Kegels. Rather reverse Kegels focus on releasing and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor. Typical Kegel focuses on contracting and releasing the pelvic area. Both types can help in balancing your pelvic floor.

This article discusses how to reverse Kegels can be beneficial to both men and women and how to find the right muscles and exercise them for optimal pelvic health.

What is a Reverse Kegel?

Kegel exercises help in contracting the pelvic floor muscles over and over to help strengthen them. It is comparable to doing a bicep curl. It helps you last longer in sexual performance by bringing yourself back from the brink of ejaculation. With sufficient training, it allows you to have orgasms without ejaculation.

However, it comes at a cost. When you do pelvic floor contraction, it can also accelerate how quickly you get to on the arousal scale. You can pull yourself back with several intense holds and keep yourself at a certain level without having to be worried about big fluctuations.

This is where reverse Kegels are critical. It helps you with pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

Ejaculation and arousal are partial functions of the pelvic floor muscles tightening near the point of ejaculation. When you are actively stressing or stroking, and you are feeling that pleasurable sensation on your loins, it is your pelvic floor muscles contracting and getting you closer to ejaculation.

Overtightening it as well as exhausting it is how regular Kegels can help slow you down. In contrast, reverse Kegels can slow you down by simply keeping you relaxed.

This exercise trains your ability to release building pressure, moving you back down to an intense level keeping you to a moderate level of arousal.

When combined, a reverse Kegel allows you to stay even-keeled, whereas a regular Kegel allows you to save yourself at the last minute or have non-ejaculatory orgasms.

What are the Benefits of Kegels?

Kegels, regardless of whether they are standard or reverse, are known for their potential effect on your sex life. The exercises may help enhance your libido and allow you to experience more intense orgasms.

Reverse Kegels specifically help make your sex life more enjoyable, especially for women suffering from painful sex. They are also advantageous for women during labor since this exercise allows you to release your pelvic floor.

In males, reverse Kegels helps in enhancing penile strength as well as control of the penile muscles. It helps improve erectile dysfunction and mitigate premature ejaculation.

Overall reverse Kegels help elongate the pelvic muscles and enhance muscle control.

It can be a relief for several conditions related to pelvic tension, which include muscular imbalance and constipation. It also helps enhance bladder control, bowel movement, hip stability, as well as lower back strength.

How do you Find the Right Pelvic Floor Muscles?

It is critical to locate and identify the proper muscles prior to attempting a reverse Kegel.

For a majority of people, dropping the pelvic floor feels comparable to the release you feel when you urinate or have bowel movements. Thus, it is critical to empty your bladder and bowels prior to beginning these exercises. It allows you to practice without fear of accidents.

Once you are ready, start focusing on releasing these muscles while inhaling. As you fill your body with fresh oxygen in your diaphragm, the pelvic muscles should relax and lower.

How to do a Reverse Kegel

Although men and women practice this exercise differently, the main idea is the same for both sexes. Your goal is to lengthen the muscles near your pubic area.

For Females

Do this exercise while sitting, or lying down on your back while bending your knees.

Once you are in the correct position, breathe the air deeply into your lungs to bring you into awareness of your pelvic floor. Try to feel your muscles and start relaxing and dropping them down as you inhale.

You can use a mirror to check yourself while you exercise. Your anal area releases a space as your anus and vagina move down. You must also feel a space between the pubic bone as well as the tailbone. It is an expanding sensation.

You must maintain this reverse Kegel for up to 5 seconds and then release it for the same amount of time. Try to do two to three sets of 10 throughout the day. Once you have mastered this exercise technique, you can try holding and releasing it for more extended periods.

It is critical to breathe while performing these exercises. You must breathe all the way into your stomach. It also helps if you keep your belly relaxed.


For men

You can perform reverse Kegels while in a sitting position. You can also do it while standing or lying down on your back while bending your knees.

Once you are in the correct position, you must contract your muscles as though you are trying to urinate or pee. It helps relax your perineal muscle and removes pressure away from the prostate.

Relax your pelvic floor and Ease the muscles of your rectum. Try to feel your perineal area move downward. Lift your penis and testicles as you contract the front area of the penile muscles. You should be feeling some space near your pubic bone and tailbone area.

You must maintain the reverse Kegel for five seconds and then release it for the same amount of time. Perform two to three sets of 10 throughout the day. Once you have mastered this exercise, you can try holding and releasing it for long periods.

Make sure you are breathing deeply. It is crucial to breathing all the way up to the stomach. It also helps if you keep your abdominal area relaxed.

Male_Kegel_Exercises MEN

Should you Master Standard Kegel Exercises First?

Learning how to do a standard Kegels first may be helpful. It can help you find the right muscles and become more familiar with controlling them.

For women

You will be able to locate the Kegel muscles by imagining that you are stopping your urine. It is critical not to squeeze your muscles while you are actually urinating, but you can do this while you are trying to find the right set of muscles.

Another method is to put a clean finger within your vagina. You can do this while sitting or lying down. You must experiment to find the best position that works for you. Once you are in the correct position, squeeze the muscles of your vagina around the finger. You might notice that these muscles are contracting as you squeeze and relax them. The contractions should move inward rather than upward.

Once you have tightened your pelvic floor muscles, hold it for five seconds and then relax it for five seconds. Do this five consecutive times. As you make your progress, you can increase the length of time to 10 seconds. Do three sets of 10 repetitions each day.

It is critical not to squeeze too hard or for too long. It can result in the muscles becoming rigid and tired. It is also crucial to maintain smooth and steady breathing.


For men

Locate your pelvic floor muscles by envisioning that you are trying to halt your urine while urinating. It is critical not to tighten your muscles while you are urinating, but you can do so while you are trying to find the right set of muscles.

Make sure to avoid tightening your abdominals, back, as well as buttocks. It is crucial to relax and breathe evenly throughout the exercise.

You can perform Kegels while standing, sitting, as well as lying down. It would help if you squeezed all the pelvic floor muscles for several seconds. Hold the contraction for up to 10 seconds. You must relax for at least five seconds between the repetitions. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions per day.


Keep in mind to do reverse Kegel exercises only when you have an empty bladder. Never overdo it and overwork your muscles, especially at the start. Make sure you are not pushing or straining your body. You should also avoid attempting these exercises while practicing core exercises.

Always breathe properly. If you hold your breath, it can result in more tension in the body.

Remember to stop doing reverse Kegel exercises if they are resulting in pain or discomfort. It is typically a sign that the exercise isn’t being done correctly. It is helpful if you consult with your doctor or a qualified fitness instructor about mastering the technique.

When to Expect Results?

Reverse Kegels may be challenging to do, especially in the beginning. But they become more natural as time passes and with enough practice.

The amount of time required to see results will vary from person to person. It may take a few weeks or even months before you see results. It is crucial to have patience and be consistent with your exercise. You may also want to incorporate other pelvic floor exercises.

How to Use Reverse Kegels in Foreplay

In contrast to Kegel squeezes which are typically used as a last-second method when you are getting close to an intense orgasm, reverse Kegels can be used anytime to bring yourself back down from a sexual peak and slow down your progression to orgasm.

As soon as you feel yourself easing into a comfortable arousal level, apply the pressure as hard as possible to bring yourself back down.

During foreplay, you can effortlessly do this while you are receiving oral since there is no other activity distracting you. And when you are pleasuring your partner, you can use reverse Kegels to bring yourself back down to a low arousal state before sex.


Reverse Kegel exercises are applicable for both men and women. It helps you control the sexual experience. Similar to a magic mountain ride, it can take you to the peak or to a more even keel. The choice is up to you and what you think is most pleasurable.

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