The Best Condom To Last Longer During Sex

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The Best Condom To Last Longer During Sex

Best Condom to Last Longer

If you want to overcome premature ejaculation and increase your sexual pleasure, one of the easiest cures is to simply find a condom that works for you. Gloving up will cause you to get less sensation and therefore last longer. It’s the simplest way to combat premature ejaculation and should be the first thing you try. I may simply work and then your worries are gone.

 If it doesn’t work then you can try other things. But experimenting with normal and special condoms is going to be the easiest of all the solutions offered and just may work out.

You’ll have to be patient with it though because finding the right condom is critically important. There are a ton of jimmy hats out there and you need to find the one that makes intercourse a pleasure, not stress.

Delay Ejaculation

Your goal is going to be to delay ejaculation. You want to go from a minute man to someone who can rock the sheets all night long.

A good condom should allow you to do that. It will work with your body to delay the intensity of sensations you get which should help you delay ejaculation for longer than riding bareback will.

It’s all the safest sex options so if you are going to be with multiple partners – or your partner is going to be with multiple partners wearing the right condom is a must.

There is nothing wrong with using them – in fact, most men should have them available whenever they think there is a chance they might have sex. Safer sex plus delayed ejaculation means better sex.

Best Condoms To Last Longer

Types Of Condoms

It is difficult for men to find comfortable condoms due to a lack of information on the total mass market. Few people know that in addition to well-known brands of latex condoms, there are other barrier contraceptives available, for example, ones made from polyurethane and polyisoprene.

If you face a problem such as premature ejaculation, you will have no issue finding the right rubbers to help you last longer in bed and sustain a happy sex life.

On this page, you will find the best condom to last longer, in addition to the advice on how to use it correctly.

Types of Condoms

Condom, in French, means “I protect.” It is an irreplaceable companion and assistant of a modern man. With its help, you can have sex with your partner without fear of viral diseases and premature pregnancy. The first difference between rubbers is their texture and finish:

Condoms to last longer contain a special lubricant for climax control called benzocaine. The special lubricant for the man is on the inside, and there is a smooth and silky lubricant for the woman on the outside.

This helps the man last longer while providing the same level of confidence and protection as a regular rubber.

In addition to protection and lubrication, condoms to last longer can also differ in color, aroma, and some can even glow in the dark.

This is done to maintain diverse intimate relationships in couples who have been together for a long time.

THE Best Condoms

Size Of Condoms

Which condoms are the best? Well in actual practice that’s going to vary from dude to dude. A rubber that works great for one dude won’t work as well for another guy. You have to get the right size condom – yes even if you are super small or gigantic – you have to get the condom with the right agents in the lube to numb you a little bit and not your partner.

You may want ribbed. You may want other bells and whistles.

Think about what you really want from sex. Then find the condom that promises to have the effect that you are looking for. After you try a few different types of condoms you should have no problem finding one that works for you.

Lubricated Condoms

Not all condoms come with lube – but they should. Lubricated condoms are by far the best choice when it comes to sex. They slide in easily and give more pleasure to both you and your girl. Plus if you use a lubricated condom you might not have to buy lube separately. They go on easier. They penetrate easier. And they slip and slide and make her feel good.

If you want to impress your date condoms with lube are much better than dry condoms that are hard to put on, may irritate her and will probably require you to put on additional lube.

Female Condoms

Condoms aren’t only for men. Some condoms are designed to be worn by the woman. These can be good for guys who do not experience problems. That’s because they won’t reduce your sensation at all. Instead, she just puts it in, and then you enter her and don’t have to worry about either of you giving each other any sort of nasty STIs.

That said you are probably here because you suffer from premature ejaculation. The female condom is not going to be for you. Stick to male condoms until you have your johnson under control. Then you can switch to the female condom.

Anal Sex

You want to fuck a girl up the ass and you assume you don’t have to use condoms because you can’t get her pregnant, and it helps you have longer sex. Wrong. Anal sex is when condoms are the most important.

Even the most gentle anal sex will cause small tears in her anus. This will make spreading STIs much more likely than vaginal sex. Extra safety is paramount!

You can never be sure you don’t have an STI. And you really don’t know if she does either. So if you want to be a back door man you have to use condoms. Don’t worry, it will still feel just as tight and if she’s into it will give her the “deeper” orgasms that she expects from taking it back there.

Climax Control Condoms

One of the reasons to use condoms is that they help with climax control. In other words, they make you have to work harder to cum. And that’s a good thing. It means you will delay your orgasm and overcome whatever’s stopping you.

Climax control is one of your main goals when it comes to using condoms. (Your health is your primary goal.) Once you start gaining climax control you’ll stop worrying about PE and can try it bare once or twice and see if you’ve made dick problems a thing of the past. Climax control condoms just may be the trick!

Long Lasting Condom

Some condoms are built to really help you last long and are some of the best condoms out there on the market. They are long lasting condoms and should be able to help even the worst two pump chump out there. They are much thicker than regular condoms so they alow the minimum of sensation to get back to you.

Long lasting condoms are also almost all lubed so your partner will appreciate how easy it is for you to enter her. Overall if you suffer from bad P

E problems you want to be looking out for long lasting condoms. A long lasting condom should have what it takes to make you last longer in bed.

Numbing Condoms

If you are ultra sensitive, there is a wider range of condoms that come with agents in the lube to numb your cock. Known as numbing condoms they are great for guys who are worried about PE. By making your rubber less sensitive they automatically help you delay orgasm and control PE. Basically if you can feel less you are less likely to jump the gun.

Think of it as a local anesthetic. They work with your body to essentially naturally overcome PE and last longer.

Benzocaine Condoms

That said, not all numbing condoms are created equal. Many have agents that soak into your dick to numb it but don’t numb your partner. Benzocaine condoms are not this type. They will numb you but will also numb your partner – making her less likely to enjoy sex.

This is why we only recommend benzocaine condoms if nothing else works for you. Quite simply there is no point in lasting longer if it means the girl can’t feel anything and is going to be less likely to enjoy sex with you in the first place.

Not All Condoms Are Your Friend

best condoms to last longer during sex

When it comes to sex you really shouldn’t just grab any type of condom. Most condoms will not help you and some may make the situation worse. For example, if you suffer from PE you don’t want a super thing condom.

You don’t want an unlubed condom either. And if you are smaller you don’t need Magnum XXL – it will just fall off your dick. So remember – find the condom that works best for you. Just like dicks, not all condoms are created equally!

Flavored Condoms

For example, there are flavored condoms out there. In general, they are just a novelty item. They aren’t designed to help you last longer.

Think about it: When was the last time you used a condom for a blow job (the only situation where the flavor would even matter)? Probably not recently, unless you’ve been with an escort.

And remember, escorts want you to come as quickly as possible because it makes their job easier. In general, when dealing with PE issues, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the diff

erent flavors of condoms out there. It’s better to ignore flavored condoms. They are not your friend.

Dental Dam

Dental dams are bits of plastic that go over the vagina. They are used when you go down on her and act as sort of an oral sex condom. Most women won’t ask you to use one but if they do, go for it.

Internal condoms are all about the same quality and the actual risk of getting an STI from going own on a girl are so small that you don’t need to worry about it. If they make the girl more relaxed they’ve done their job and you can do yours and chow down on them.

Silicone Toys

A lot of guys think that if they are using a silicone toy on their woman that condoms aren’t an issue. Well, guess what? They are.

Condoms keep the toy clean, so it doesn’t have to be washed again. And if you want to use the toy on her ass as well as her pussy you can change the condom and prevent cross-contamination. This makes everything easier and much safer and will help prevent her from getting an infection.

Desensitizing Lubricant

One trick that can help guys out when trying to use condoms to overcome premature ejaculation is to use a desensitizing lubricant. You put the silky smooth lubricant on the inside of the condom and then put the condom on.

This will prevent the lube from making her numb. But it will make your dick feel less sensation. With a ton of guys, this is enough to help them last longer and overcome what’s ailing you in the dick department.

Textured Condoms

Ribbed texture for her pleasure condoms are the only type of textured condoms most guys are aware of. But if you shop online you’ll find all sorts of textures. These different textures are designed for a lady’s pleasure in different ways.

Some women won’t notice a ribbed condom but a condom with a completely different texture, like a dotted texture, will give her more sensation and rock her world. The textures won’t help you but may cause her to get off more quickly which can help you out if you can’t last all that long.

Snugger Fit

When you go online if you do any searching at all you’ll find out condoms come in all types of sizes. If you’ve got a huge dick you can find bigger condoms. If you have a smaller penis you can find smaller condoms. Don’t feel bad if you are small – remember, she can get herself off with just her finger. You want the condom that is going to have a snugger fit.

A tighter fit will prevent it from coming off during sex and missing the entire point of using a condom in the first place.

Extended Pleasure Condoms

Some rubbers are designed to give you safer sex and more pleasure at the same time. They may even be focused on having your partner having a rocking time while helping you. 

For example, we’ve all seen rubbers that are “ribbed for her pleasure.” There are also vibrating condoms. There are condoms that are designed to help you hit her G spot better.

In general, if you can think of a way a condom can make sex better someone is making that condom. You’ll just have to do a bit of Internet research to find the extended pleasure condoms that will work best for you and then use them. From a delay condom to a delay lubricant, it’s all about maximum pleasure and long lasting sexytimes.

It’s really that simple to make sex better for both you and her without a lot of pressure. It takes just a couple of seconds to put on a condom and you will be a long lasting Kamasutra long time demigod!

Informational Purposes

best condoms to last longer during sex various

When it comes to finding the best condoms, getting the right information is important. For informational purposes read all of the reviews of every condom you are thinking about buying. They will provide you with the honest feedback of people who have used them. Then you can use this data you got for informational purposes to pick out the right condom for you to use when you are having sex.

Ensure Reliability

When you are reading the reviews of the best condoms online, check to see if people said they break. If they do then you want to avoid that condom. You want to ensure reliability every time you put those bad boys on. If it’s not reliable and is likely to break it won’t really help you out at all.

Condoms Made Of Different Materials

Condoms are most often made from natural latex and rarely from artificial materials. Condoms to the last longer in bed made of different materials differ noticeably in thickness.

 If the thickness of latex condoms is from 0.04 to 0.08 mm, then polyurethane condoms are extra sensitive because they are several times thinner – from 0.01 to 0.02 mm.

They are not elastic and, unlike latex ones, stretch poorly, but when heated during sex, they stretch and change their structure, acquiring elasticity and maximum strength. The thickness of polyisoprene condoms is between 0.04 and 0.08 mm.

Condoms to last longer are also hypoallergenic, and they are more elastic than latex.

High Quality Latex

This is what most guys are going to be looking for when it comes to condoms. You don’t want a cheap ass condom that’s going to break. You want high quality latex that will stay put no matter how fast you are banging her. Look at the top reviews of the different condoms you see online. They should explain whether the condoms are made with premium quality latex or natural latex rubber.

Lambskin Condoms

The truth is, though, a lot of women are allergic to latex. It gives them a bad rash and often a urinary tract infection. When it comes to women like this you are going to have to use a lambskin condom. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s made from the skin of lambs.

These condoms are more expensive than latex condoms but also feel more natural. And it’s worth the extra expense to avoid your partner having an allergic reaction and never having sex with you again.

Size of Condoms


It’s important to choose the right size of condoms because if the product is too small or too large for you, then during sex, it can break or fall off. Products from the mass market are designed for penises with a diameter of 52 to 57 mm. With the help of a virtual ruler and knowing the size of the circumference of the penis, you can choose the best condoms for your size.


Allergic Reactions

Sometimes, partners get allergic reactions from using condoms. It is generally believed that this is due to latex, but latex allergies are rare in men and women.

Often, the problem arises from the cheap lubricant used in popular condoms. The solution is to use polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms along with high-quality lubricant. Also, look for products for the bedrooms with natural ingredients.

My Favorite Condoms

I have been through more condoms than one could imagine. I have tried and tested everything from ribbed to smooth, warming to cooling, and everything else in between.

I have been a long-time supporter of Promescent Delay Spray for my Premature Ejaculation control and when they released their line of condoms it was a no-brainer to just add that to my cart and they deliver to my home.

No more trips to the pharmacy, or in some cases the gas station for those last-minute stops. Check out Promescent Condoms as well as all their other products. I am sure you will find something you love and can’t live without in the bedroom. I think it’s the best condom out there today.

Some of the other best condoms I’ve used are Glyde condoms, Trojan Extended Pleasure, Durex Pleasure Pack, Durex Performax Intense, Durex Prolong, and Erotim Long Love condoms. But there is a new brand coming out every week it seems, so experiment with different brands and see what makes you last longer as well as give you and her pleasure!


Condoms are a great way to enhance pleasure and help prevent premature ejaculation. We hope our information was useful to you and you can choose the correct type of condom, avoiding any allergic reactions and helping to enhance your pleasure in the bedroom. Your penis will thank you!

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