Relaxing The Pelvic Floor with Reverse Kegels

Do you feel a repeated pulsing or tension in the base of your penis and testicles every time your penis is stimulated? That tension is your pubococcygeus muscle, part of your pelvic floor..lets stick with PC muscle.

One of the uses of your PC muscle is to contract, increasing your arousal and triggering ejaculation. It’s a subconscious response, but when you first started masturbating you probably consciously flexed the muscle harder to help yourself get aroused more quickly. After years of that additional flexing the response becomes automatically stronger and faster.

The automatic flexing of the PC will make you ejaculate way more quickly.

Doing normal kegels will help strengthen your PC muscle, which is equally as important, but its time you learn to relax it.

How to relax your PC

Go to the toilet and try to start peeing, you don’t actually have to pee (but you can if you want!)…to start peeing you are relaxing the pelvic floor which lets the urin come out. If you try to stop your pee mid stream you are doing a kegel- the opposite.

Again the relaxing of the PC is what let’s the urine come out. That muscle is part of your pelvic floor and it is what gets tense when your penis is stimulated. Once you identify the PC muscle and how to relax it you can begin your PC yoga routine.

Step 1

To help you understand the mechanics, start with your hand. Let one of your hands hang at your side. As you exhale- clench your fist. Hold the clenched fist for a moment and then inhale while releasing the fist- let your hand go completely relaxed.  (Make sure your inhale is a deep belly breath)

Step 2

Replicate this same process with your PC muscle. Clench it a bit on the exhale (about 25% flex) and then as you take a deep belly breath let it completely relax like you were going to take a pee.


Do your PC and your fist at the same time following that rhythm until you get the hang of it.

Step 3

Repeat this a few times a day for 10 or so reps. Keep in mind the flex on the exhale is only their to make the relaxation more obvious during the inhale. The focus of this excercise is on relaxing the muscle on the inhale, not flexing it. Eventually you will be able to relax the PC without needing to flex first.

Step 4

You can use this technique while you masturbate or have sex to prevent over arousal and premature ejaculation when you feel your PC muscle tensing.