heading Kegels

Kegels will help you strengthen your pelvic floor. This will come in "handy" when you are trying to prevent ejaculation during training and sex.

The Kegel is V simple: Next time you're peeing, try to stop your pee mid stream..you are doing a Kegel. You want to do sets of this, just like lifting weights.

Most people struggle with kegels because they are uncomfortable when you first start doing them – it's hard to hold the muscle tense and it feels weak.

If this is an issue for you then try this technique:

Do the squeeze slowly. Don't squeeze as hard as you can and then release, instead start squeezing and slowly and over a 5 second period increase from 0-100% then back down slowly for 5 seconds until you are relaxed again. So the whole interval will take 10 seconds. 5 seconds up slowly, 5 seconds down slowly.

Do sets of 10 a few times a day and it will help strengthen your pelvic floor and increase control.

Pair kegels with  Reverse kegels for best results!