Best Premature Ejaculation Sprays

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Best Premature Ejaculation Sprays

A lot of guys just want to find a way to treat premature ejaculation. We want to last longer, and we want to make sure our partner is satisfied before we blow our load. But it doesn’t always work out that way, and that’s so frustrating.

How To Choose The Best Premature Ejaculation Sprays

Although premature ejaculation can make a man feel isolated, it’s not some rare thing. Nearly 30% of us experience premature ejaculation at some point in our lives.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, and it doesn’t have to be embarrassing.

Best Premature Ejaculation Sprays girl

Women, on the other hand, take longer to climax, at an average of 17 minutes compared to only over 5 minutes for men. Quick! Hand me that delay spray!

Chances are, you’ve heard of delay spray – as well as natural supplements, premature ejaculation wipes, numbing spray, and all kinds of male sex toys to reduce sensation and increase your sexual enjoyment.

Today, we’re going to talk about delay sprays and other goodies that will help you last longer in bed.

What Are PE Sprays?

Basically, premature ejaculation sprays are meant to stop premature ejaculation and help a guy last longer in bed. It still gives you all the pleasure of sexual activity while taking care of your erectile dysfunction problem.

They’re also called delay sprays, Lidocaine spray, or desensitizing sprays. It’s basically a common local anesthetic that gives you the desired effect so you can last longer during sex.

Are PE Sprays Effective?

PE or delay sprays such as Promescent have helped men to stop premature ejaculation.

However, not every PE spray is going to have the right active ingredient, nor are they all made with high-quality ingredients. You want to make sure that you find the best delay spray for you – one that is completely safe and has natural ingredients that will help you delay ejaculation.

What Are the Side Effects of PE Sprays?

A typical side effect of PE sprays is numbing of the penis, which might be more than desired.

What Makes for a High-Quality Premature Ejaculation Spray?

Efficient Delay Spray Technology

The spray’s applicator has to be a good one. You need to get the optimal amount of the desensitizer and evenly dispersed it on your erect penis. You don’t want your delay spray to be leaking all over, and you want it to be fast-acting.

Reducing Sensitivity: The Desired Effects for Men

You’re going to have to find your ideal balance of desensitizing for the delay spray you choose. If it is too much, you’re going to wind up going from the come-too-soon kind of sexual dysfunction to the oh-god-stop-the-blood-flow kind. Yikes.

But if there is too little desensitizer, it may not allow a man’s penis to last for the long haul. You want to last longer in bed, remember?

No Carry Over to Your Partner

Another crucial point is that your partner shouldn’t experience the desensitizing effects of the delay spray. A woman can already last long compared to men, and there is no further reason to delay orgasm.

Once your female partners lose sensation, not even Olympic-level oral sex is gonna get them back. Your sexual activity is done for the night.


PE Sprays with Lidocaine

What Is Lidocaine Spray?

Lidocaine spray is known by several brand names. It is a local anesthetic that is extremely useful and meant to desensitize or numb areas of the body.

Lidocaine spray can actually come in several forms and is used for a variety of reasons, not just for your sex life. A Lidocaine solution can be injected via surgery. It can come in the form of Lidocaine cream as well as oral medication.

Typical uses for it will include desensitizer for the mouth or throat prior to medical procedures. It is also used as topical skin patches for the relief of pain. Lidocaine is also advantageous as a topical anesthetic when it makes more sense to numb the skin.

Lidocaine spray has an extensive history since it was approved by the FDA back in the 1940s. Its use has been wide-ranging as a desensitizer for various regions of the body. Many medical professionals consider it effective and safe.

It is sold over-the-counter and numbs the skin for various health needs. It has discreet packaging because it’s not only used for your dick, so no one will think twice if you pick it up at the pharmacy.

One of the top uses of Lidocaine spray is helping men in delaying orgasm. It can briefly provide a slight numbing sensation to the penis and help men hold for longer during sexual intercourse.

Products that contain Lidocaine, such as Promescent spray, are aimed at treating premature ejaculation. We think it’s the best delay spray out there.

Certain condom brands infuse tiny amounts of it on the inside of their product to help men last longer in bed.

If you use it correctly, Lidocaine premature ejaculation spray can lead to more satisfying sex for you and your female partner, making it effortless for you to both reach the climax at the same time.

Premature Ejaculation and Benzocaine Spray

Another local anesthetic spray that helps treat premature ejaculation is Benzocaine. Comparable to Lidocaine sprays, it is used as a topical anesthetic. It can be applied to specific areas in the body for a numbing effect.

Benzocaine also had an extensive history of safe use, which dates back all the way to the nineteen hundred. It is generally used by the vast majority of people for the following reasons:


The vast majority of people use it for pain associated with toothaches. Comparable to Lidocaine, Benzocaine cannot permanently get rid of the pain. It can only bring temporary relief until permanent solutions are found.

Sore throats

Sore throats are typically connected with common colds and other seasonal ailments. Benzocaine can help in mitigating throat pain. Sprays and lozenges can be used regularly to manage discomfort on the throat.

Cankers and cold sores

Nearly everyone has experienced painful sores. Topical creams infused with Benzocaine can help in soothing pain until it heals. Orajel is a common brand name used to assist with this condition.

Skin irritation

Benzocaine is also helpful in managing skin irritation and itchiness, resulting from a host of conditions. These include scrapes, insect bites, as well as cuts.

A majority of households are pretty familiar with Benzocaine which can be bought OTC. It is widely known as a soothing cream, gel, or topical spray.

Delay Spray

Benzocaine is also commonly used as a premature ejaculation solution. It can be sold as a gel, cream, excess spray, or delay spray.

It provides a slightly numbing effect to the male organ. Because of this, men who struggle with premature ejaculation will be able to delay their climax during sexual intercourse.

Like Benzocaine, some condoms also infuse Benzocaine on the inside of their product to reduce the sensitivity of the male organ slightly to delay climax.

As a local anesthetic, both Benzocaine and Lidocaine are well tolerated by a majority of people. Adverse reactions are unusual.

But it must be noted that a few individuals will experience adverse reactions to these substances. But just because one of them will result in a reaction doesn’t mean that the other will. For example, if Benzocaine causes problems, Lidocaine can often be used as a substitute or vice versa.

Are PE Sprays Effective?

Premature ejaculation has been validated in helping men to treat premature ejaculation. But having said this, you must steer clear of choosing just any spray for premature ejaculation.

Not every PE spray is equally effective. At the very least, you want one that is FDA approved. Your healthcare professional can provide medical advice on which ones are best.

If you choose the wrong PE spray, it can make sexual intercourse more challenging. For example, low-quality nozzles in sprays could result in too much or too little of the product being dispersed.

It throws off the sensitive balance of orgasm for both partners. But if you choose a spray that is well known in the industry as a go-to product, these concerns should be mitigated.

PE sprays, which are considered top-of-the-line, have been found to be extremely efficient in helping men last longer during sexual encounters.

How to Apply Premature Ejaculation Spray

Applying premature ejaculation spray is quick and effortless.

We recommend that you start by making sure the product is applied evenly over the entire surface of the shaft up to 15 minutes before vaginal penetration.

Rub the spray in a circular motion until it is fully absorbed.

But you may need to undergo trial and error to see how much of the spray you need for you to achieve optimal results. But it is recommended that you apply at least three sprays when applying this product for the first time.

If you find that there isn’t enough of the desensitizing spray, it is always possible to level up your dose in the future. But you must remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep in mind that every guy is different in terms of the number of sprays that must be applied to balance out sensitivity.

After you discovered the right dosage for you, it will be effortless to know the exact amount of spray you need in future sexual encounters.

If oral sex is part of your sexual activity, then simply wipe off any residue of the solution with a damp cloth.

Thus, you will avoid added residue on the surface of your skin that might desensitize your partner.

A common mistake when applying premature ejaculation spray for the first time is assuming that it will work at once even with minimal sexual stimulation.

For optimum results, you must wait up to 15 minutes to experience the full effects of the spray. Thus, you must keep in mind to hold off for several minutes prior to foreplay or sex.

What Are Alternatives to Premature Ejaculation Spray?

Sprays Vs. Wipes

One of the top motivators which will make you convinced of a desensitizer is the means of application. Are you a guy who prefers sprays to be more suitable, or do you like wipes?

Sprays do an excellent job of providing even dispersion of the numbing components of the product.

Primarily, sprays are superior to wipes because it allows you to experiment to find out the best dosage for you.

In other words, it allows you more control over how much or how little of the product works best, given the specific sexual needs of you and your partner.

Discovering the ideal desensitizing dosage is more challenging with wipes.

Sprays Vs. Creams

Creams are another common application for premature ejaculation. Although Lidocaine creams contain sufficient amounts of desensitization ingredients, they are more challenging to be precise and consistent with the amount you put on.

There may be times you will be applying too much of the cream leading to too much numbness than you intended. It could cause mitigated sensitivity for you and your female partner.

The next time, you might be applying too little of the cream or fail to disperse it uniformly. Because of this, you might fail to prevent premature ejaculation.

Will Sprays Totally Cure Premature Ejaculation?

PE sprays were never designed to cure the underlying causes of premature ejaculation. Also, it is not a cure for erectile dysfunction.

But having success with this type of treatment can mitigate a man’s anxiety. It can certainly lead to more success and confidence in the bedroom. Because of this, less of the solution may be needed over time.

Rather, PE sprays should be seen as a quick-fix solution to a confounding problem.

But it still makes sense to get to the bottom of why a man is experiencing premature ejaculation. For the moment, sprays can be a powerful part of your arsenal when you require an on-demand solution for your intimacy needs.

Keep in mind the spray is only meant to help during the duration of intercourse. Each time you require the benefits of this product, you will need to apply it again.

3 Best Premature Ejaculation Spray


Promescent’s delay spray is hugely in demand since it delivers consistent results. It has been certified by the IRB, and clinical studies found that men who use this delay spray can last for the long run during sex.

It has thousands of five-star reviews online and has sold millions of bottles. It’s simply one of the best delay sprays out there.

Stud 100

This delay spray is designed in the UK and is infused with Lidocaine. Every metered pump spray will contain around 10 mg of the product.

The manufacturer recommends a dosage of 3 to 10 sprays. It allows guys flexibility depending on the sensitivity level he requires. Every container consists of around 120 metered sprays.


Verge is another terrific delay spray with a convincing track record. One of the marketing phrases it uses is: Go further longer. On the front side of the box, this product claims that it has up to 72 sprays per container.

In contrast to the previous products, Verge uses Benzocaine instead of Lidocaine as the active product.

What Do Users Think of Delay Sprays?

Compared to other products and services on the market, you will encounter numerous reviews. Comments will be contradictory, suggesting the effect is either positive, mediocre or less than great.

Everyone is different, and each experience is individual. Because of this, depending on the person, the experience can vary, which is not surprising.

But you will have more peace of mind if you purchase a product with predominantly positive reviews instead of negative ones.

Before you buy any premature ejaculation spray, it is always a smart move to compare the reviews of several products. We went through we don’t know how many sprays until we hit on the ones we like.


A man wants nothing more during the sexual encounter but to control his erection to satisfy himself and his partner.

The effects of delay sprays are widely validated, which can help you regain your momentum, delay orgasm, and last longer during sex.

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